Pastor Anesh Kurrian

Anesh Kurrian is the senior pastor at Christ Assembly of God.

He hails from India and has been the Senior Pastor of Christ Assembly of God, Fords, NJ since 2006, when God called him to full-time ministry.

His serving in the ministry began in Muscat, Oman where he assisted his pastor in many areas of ministry, while working at a secular job. He immigrated to the USA and God led him to join Christ Assembly of God, then at Floral Park, NY.

Even before he reached USA the Lord had prepared for his education in a Bible College in Florida. His intention was to study the word and continue to assist the local pastor. However, shortly after the Lord called him to full-time ministry, and he was entrusted with the leadership of Christ Assembly of God church in New Jersey.

Over the past ten years in ministry, Pastor Anesh has seen God honor His Word and move with signs, wonders and miracles, and many have been baptized and added to the church. The church ha a branch location in Brooklyn, NY and has multiple worship services.

He and his wife Annie have been married for 24 years, and have a son, Johann.